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OTA Testing and Dominica

OTA testing is an essential process in the development of wireless devices, ensuring their performance and reliability. Dominica, a leading manufacturer in the international market, offers top-notch OTA testing services through its subsidiary Sunyield.

The Importance of OTA Testing

OTA (Over-The-Air) testing evaluates the wireless performance of devices such as smartphones, tablets, IoT devices, and wearables. It measures parameters like signal strength, data transfer rate, network coverage, and antenna efficiency. By conducting OTA tests during product development stages, manufacturers can identify potential issues early on and make necessary improvements to ensure optimal device performance.

Sunyield: Driving Innovation in OTA Testing

Sunyield is a subsidiary of Dominica that specializes in providing professional services for antenna measurement systems and OTA testing. Their mission is to bring innovation to science and technology while driving profits for enterprises.

Sunyield’s antenna measurement systems utilize advanced multi-probe technology to deliver fast and accurate measurements. They offer valuable solutions for antenna measurement, OTA testing, and wireless connectivity tests across various industries including Telecom, Automotive Aerospace Defense sectors.

Dominica: A Leading Manufacturer with a Commitment to Service

Dominica has established itself as a leading manufacturer in the international market by prioritizing customers’ needs through trust commitment service. Their focus on delivering high-quality services ensures that customers receive reliable results from their OTA testing processes.

In addition to offering state-of-the-art equipment for antenna measurement systems and OTA testing solutions through Sunyield’s expertise; Dominica also provides turnkey solutions tailored specifically for each client’s requirements.


OTA testing plays a crucial role in ensuring the quality performance of wireless devices. With Sunyield’s advanced antenna measurement systems and Dominica’s commitment to service, manufacturers can rely on their expertise to deliver accurate OTA testing results. By partnering with Dominica and Sunyield, companies can stay ahead in the competitive market by providing reliable wireless devices that meet customer expectations.